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About us:

We’re Em (left) and Jane (right).

In July 2018, we bought a short school bus which we then converted into a tiny home. The following summer, we moved into the bus, and were in the middle of a fourteen-month road trip across North America when COVID-19 came to Canada. Seeing as it was no longer safe to travel in The United States, we returned home to Waterloo, ON.

Our nine months of traveling and living tiny gave us unique insight into what’s needed to comfortably travel and live “on the road.” We toured a wide variety of tiny homes and mobile vehicles during our trip. Now, we’re excited to take the tiny home innovations we learned about and apply them to renovating campers.

We’re dedicated to creating gorgeous custom builds that allow our clients to travel safely in style. With all our builds, sustainability is key. We use reclaimed materials as much as possible, and are committed to giving new life campers that might otherwise end up in landfills.

We’d love to chat. Send us an e-mail at

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